Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Derby Week : Bourbon Chex Mix

One of my favorite Derby traditions is making Bourbon Chex Mix. I stumbled upon this recipe a few years ago while googling "Kentucky Derby Party" and many other "Kentucky" and "Derby" variations.

After seeing HOW EASY this recipe was, I knew I was going to be hooked. In fact, my cousin asked me for the recipe a few Christmas' ago and I nearly didn't give it to her. It's so easy, so delicious but makes it look like you slaved for much longer than 30 minutes. Needless to say, I gave her the recipe but have continued to guard it very closely.
Bourbon, Bacon goodness after being pulled from the oven!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Derby Week Prep!

Derby Week is upon us! So I'm back in action! Here's my plans...
Derby Party 2013

After a somewhat long hiatus, I am back (hopefully for good). I have no actual excuse for not blogging, It just hasn't been something on my top priority list the past month or so. With that being said, I need to document my Derby preparations this year, and hopefully next years will be even smoother.

I started hosting Derby Parties about seven or so years ago, and it all began at the nursing home I worked at. I was an Activities Director, and thought it would be loads of fun to have a Derby gathering. That specific year we used the "Talk Derby to Me" theme - including cups, plates, lots of horse decor and of course--- tattoos. We had homemade biscuits with Apple Butter, Butter, Sorghum, Honey, and any other imaginable southern slathering you can think of. I had horse shaped chocolates, but I think those were the only foods we ate. Either way, my residents got a big kick out of it, and hence began my love for The Kentucky Derby.

Derby Parties have evolved in my household, and I now no longer do biscuits only. Now we have Derby Pie, Hot Browns, Beer Cheese, Corn Bread, and the list goes on!

Each year that Seth and I host, we are trying to make things a tad bit easier on ourselves. Our 3rd or so Annual Derby Party, we had taken our recipes to the next level, which took another level of time as well. Everyone left afterwards, and empty bowls were scattered all over our house. We quickly decided that after not having time to eat, we needed to get out of our depressing lonely house and go get dinner. Since then, I'm trying to make sure we both get to eat, spend time with our guests and that our guests stay well after the actual Derby is over to hang out and have fun!

No food left, No guests left equals two sad, hungry hosts
This year I started my Derby Decorating 2 weeks before actual "Derby Week" in hopes that I can dedicate the week of, to cooking and cleaning. Fingers crossed.

Here are a few sneak peaks to the decorations...

Mint Julep Bar
Tonight I'm making pie crust for Derby Pies and gathering my supplies for all my cooking this week! Check back later for recipes and more Derby goodies!