Monday, January 20, 2014

Hi! My name is, (what?) My name is, (who?) My name is...

As I've started this journey of starting my blog, I've found that it is very difficult to talk about myself without sounding too "self absorbed". A few of my friends have talked to me about starting a blog as s time saver for them. Instead of them having to search 300 pins on Pinterest to find the best homemade Alfredo recipe, they know i've already looked-- so they can just ask me. Hence, the purpose for this.
In lieu of saying more, i'll highlight on the basics...

  • I'm a wife of 5 years (as of January 31st this year!)
  • I have the most adorable dogs in the world: Roxy (Chihuahua) age 7, Gertrude (Beagle) age 6 and Sadie (English Shepard/Pointer mix) age 5
  • I work full time, but would much rather be a stay at home wife. Cheers to some day.
  • I love to cook, bake breads, create new recipes, but prefer to cook from scratch
  • I am all about the bottom dollar, so if its cheaper to make my own detergent than buy it, I'll research until I find the best deals and will experiment until I find the best way to do it (recipe to come soon)
  • I live to budget, but hate math. My husband and I follow Dave Ramsey's budget plan, and I am constantly adjusting my budget... trying to see how much I can save and how little I can live off of
  • Party Planning and Hosting is one of my favorite past times. I host annual parties, which I plan for many months in advance. I don't plan well with others, but am lucky enough to have a few key people who follow my directions well enough that I'll allow them in the kitchen!
  • My husband and I recently bought a very old house downtown with a great big yard for our dogs. It was built in 1904 and is the epitome of charming. Sitting on the front porch, sweet tea in hand and listening to the court house bells... life doesn't get much better
  • I despise yard work, but have an adorable man (and mama) who love it
  • Re-decorating, repurposing and reorganizing consume my life on a weekly basis. 
My life is so precious and I have so much fun creating new things. Maybe all of my crazy, perfectionist, controlling tendencies will you to save a few minutes from your day and give you everyday recipes, tips and tricks you can use!


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