Monday, January 20, 2014

Special Request recipe- M&M Ham!

I know what you are thinking.. I JUST introduced myself and i'm already writing another post.
Sorry, not sorry, I've been summoned. My friend Stephanie texted me a few minutes ago wanting the "orange juice ham" recipe. This Ham has been served at my family Christmas for as long as I can remember. It is also often served at Thanksgiving and Easter, but ALWAYS at Christmas. My sweet papaw hated this ham, so we always had a variety to choose from. My original recipe was called, "Granny's Christmas Ham",  then Melanie's Ham, however through the years has turned into M&M Ham. It was (is) my favorite part of holiday meals at my grandmother's house, and the past few years it has become my cousin Mikaila's favorite part too! Once she decided it was her favorite, granny decided it could no longer be "Melanie's Ham", hence the name M&M Ham (Melanie AND Mikaila).

I won't lie, my husband is not a fan. But then again he doesn't like Gouda, Quiche, Broccoli, Spaghetti or many spices. So, let's not take his word for it.

This is a really simple recipe, with very few ingredients. It goes well with mashed potatoes, macaroni, salad, steamed veggies, etc. My friend Stephanie is going to attempt to crockpot cook this on low, I'll be able to report her results later! Enjoy!

M&M Ham

1 Field of KY Legends Cooked Ham
5 oz bottle of A-One Steak Sauce
1 cup Brown Sugar
1 frozen can or Orange Juice
Whole Cloves (optional)

Mix steak sauce, brown sugar and orange juice together. Pour over ham that has been deeply scored and inserted with cloves. (OR) Pour over ham that has been thinly sliced by deli.

Bake in oven for 2-3 hours at 325 degrees F.

Perfect for a sunday meal!

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